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Rodents and rats are dangerous wildlife creatures that breed with ease and contaminate your attic space with diseases and bacteria. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners in Austin are faced with rodent and rat infestations and have little to no solutions for the problem. In the rodent control industry, rats are known as the hardest species to get out of homes, attics and crawlspaces. When most companies undertaking rat infestations, the rats always get back into the home that they were in by using the pheromone trails left behind by other members of their pack.

Omega Animal Removal specializes in rodent and rat control and uses the most advanced methods for resolving rat infestations. We also have licensed and trained Rodent Control Specialists that have rigorously studied rodent behavior, habits and patterns in order to design revolutionary solutions for all Austin homes. The most important aspect of a rodent infestation is to be aware of all its consequences to your home, attic, crawlspace and family. Omega Animal Removal resolves your rodent infestation in three steps: the trapping and removal of the rats, the permanent sealing of all possible entry points on your home and complete attic decontamination as well as decontamination of all other affected areas.

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Squirrels are fun to watch in the wild, but not nearly as fun to have inside your attic. Squirrels are notorious for causing significant damage to your attic insulation, ductwork and especially your electrical wiring. Squirrels are also tenacious during mating season and have been know to chew through shingles and roof decking to get back into your attic if baby squirrels are left behind. Squirrels are also known to bring acorns, pecans and other naturally occurring nuts or seeds into your attic and stash them for the winter. This often times will bring in additional unwanted visitors including rats, raccoons and opossums. Don't worry though, as long as you contact one of our Squirrel Removal Specialists in the early stages of noticing squirrels in your attic, then most of the damages can be avoided. Omega Animal Removal has perfected advanced techniques for dealing with squirrel’s infestations, and preventing them from damaging your home and from hurting themselves. We use live traps, and we can capture more than one animal at a time, perfect for squirrels that have their kittens with them. Once the animals are removed safely, Omega Animal Removal Squirrel Removal Specialist can seal al the access points on the exterior of your home, cleanse all nesting sites throughout your attic and get rid of all the pheromones left behind by the squirrels. No matter what your squirrel removal needs are, Omega Animal Removal takes care of them from the beginning until the end in a humane and efficient way.

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When rats infest your home, there are not only chewing wires and roaming around your attic, they are also spreading diseases and breeding in your insulation and on your drywall. Rats multiply at an alarming rate and if the rat infestation is not discovered in time, then you will soon have a copious amount of rats in your attic.

While the number of rats permanently residing in your attic is not as high as you would think, or as some companies would scare you into believing, the sheer number of rats following the trails of urine and feces guiding their way inside your home can exponentially increase very rapidly. It is imperative to have one of our Rodent Control Specialists remove the current population of rats from your attic, close each and access point around your home and then thoroughly decontaminate your attic.

Here at Omega Animal Removal, we specialize in attic decontaminationin Austin. We will cater to all your needs following a roof rat infestation in your attic. Unlike most of our competitors, we understand the need for proper attic decontamination, and perform it with the most high-end equipment and materials on the market. A complete attic decontamination performed by Omega Animal Removal starts with our top-of-the-line attic fogging treatments.

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With a team dedicated to making a difference in the wildlife control industry, Omega Animal Removal does more than take care of your animal removal and control needs. Our specialists are more than rodent and squirrel control experts, they have studied and learned the behavior and lifestyle patterns of many different wildlife animals. All our team members are animal lovers, their love and dedication is reflected into the way we conduct our business and the way we handle all jobs. Whether we are talking about rat, raccoon, squirrel or opossum removal, Omega Animal Removal’s team treats all wildlife humanely and with respect while safely removing it from your home or property. It is this dedication to wildlife and to our clients that has made us the best at what we do. We take real care of each animal, and return it back into the wild, so you don’t have to worry about living in an infested environment.


If you are dealing with rat infestations in your Austin home, Omega Animal Removal has the most effective and modern solutions for you. Unlike other pest control companies, our wildlife specialists are trained in the biology, patterns and behavior of rodents, making them qualified to handle all rodent infestations with success. Omega Animal Removal does not use poison and does not believe in its results when it comes to rodent and rat infestations. Our specialists trace the way the rodents got into your home and design a custom-fitted solution to keep them from ever coming back. The most common rats found in homes around Texas are roof rats. You can hear them scratching or chewing in your attic, or notice the marks they leave on the walls or on the wires. These rats carry diseases dangerous to humans and pets, which is why you should contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you become aware of their presence.


The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common type of squirrel that you can find inside your Austin home. During the spring, the squirrels get a bit more active and start looking for places to raise their young and protect them from predators, which is why it is most likely to hear squirrel noises during this season. Squirrels are animals active in the daytime, pay attention to noises coming from your attic in the morning or during the evening, when you are home. As cute as they can look, squirrels are territorial animals, and can get very protective when it comes to their kittens or to the place they consider a safe home. Like all rodents, squirrels like to chew on everything, from electric wiring to wood, making them a fire hazard and a source of serious damages, if not discovered as soon as they take shelter inside the attic. Contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you can if you have concerns about squirrels taking residence in your Texas home.


Omega Animal Removal is the leading company in the wildlife removal industry, and is daily living up to its reputation by offering top-of-the-line services and guarantees that can’t be matched by any one of our competitors. Our Wildlife Specialists remove all wildlife from homes or places of business, and also conduct a stellar full home exclusion, by closing all entry points, and a hospital-like decontamination with the use of professional products and the help of advanced techniques. No matter the wildlife, we make sure that all the animals are humanely removed before performing the home exclusion and the decontamination.

Omega Animal Removal will keep all nuisance wildlife away from your home, for as long as you live in it, and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee— no strings attached. That means that we do not hide clauses in our contracts, and we do not try to sell you services that you don’t need. If by any chance the rodents return, you are fully covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.