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Rodent and rat infestations in Fort Lauderdale are highly common and can lead to serious problems for home or business owners, especially if not taken care of with professionalism and efficiency. Luckily, Omega Animal Removal specializes in rodent and rat control, and our Rodent Specialists are here to advise you and make sure that all your rodent problems are permanently resolved. Our specialists are trained in everything related to rats, their behavior and habits, and also equipped to perform the most advanced of techniques when it comes to making sure that no rodent will ever come back inside your house. The first two steps of a successful rodent removal and control procedure are removal of the animals and the closing of all entry points. Once these two steps are accomplished, Omega Animal Removal performs a full decontamination of your attic space, to make sure that your home is safe to live in, and you are secure from contacting any diseases.

Omega Animal Removal is the leading service provider in the industry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has had its professionalism and effectiveness awarded by local agencies as well as Angie’s List and the BBB. Our Rodent Control Specialists’ training and understanding of rodent behavior and habits is what makes us the best at what we do.

Omega Animal Removal has an easy, safe and effective approach to taking care of rodent infestations, and it is because of that approach that we can offer all our clients a Lifetime Guarantee on our jobs. We are confident that we can eliminate all the rats in your attic, and cover all our jobs with a Lifetime Guarantee that can be used if by any chance the rodents come back.

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During the spring, squirrels are searching for safe places to take shelter away from all predators, nest and raise their babies. Your attic or crawlspace is the perfect place for a mother squirrel to make a nesting site and have her kittens in a safe, predator-free environment. They will stop at nothing to protect or reach their young. Omega Animal Removal's advanced squirrel removal methods allow our specialists to capture the squirrels alive. Our live traps can contain more than one animal at a time, making it possible for us to safely remove mother squirrels with their kittens. After all the squirrels are removed, our Squirrel Removal Specialist can seal all the entry points, remove all the nesting sites and get rid of all the pheromones left behind by the squirrels. Omega Animal Removal handles all your squirrel removal needs in a humane and safe way from start to finish.

And your insulation makes for a nice bed
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Once rodents find a warm and cozy place to call home—like your attic or within your walls—there is only a matter of time before they start breeding, and turn your home into a dump site for their feces, urine, bacteria and pheromones.

Omega Animal Removal is here to help all home and business owners that are dealing with the debris of rat infestations, and our attic decontamination services, performed after the roof rat infestations, are the best in the industry.

We start our decontamination services with a state-of-the-art fogging treatment, designed in three-phases. Our system has an incredible success rate and its efficiency has helped make Omega Animal Removal the best company for decontamination services in Florida. Our high-tech fogging system atomizes the disinfectant substances into little molecules, making it possible for it to penetrate the depth of the insulation of your attic.

After a rodent infestation, it is imperative to fully decontaminate the attic and all of the spaces that might have been used by the rodents, so that the air in your house is fresh and safe again. Omega Animal Removal and its top-of-the-line attic decontamination methods ensure you that all of your rodent problems will disappear, and no health concerns are left. In some cases, if the rodent infestation has been so severe, we might be talking about the removing and replacing of your attic insulation. If that is the case, our specialists will make all the proper recommendations, and you can use our sister company, Omega Insulation Services, for all the attic insulation changes that need to be done.

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What wildlife animal is causing problems in your attic?

Our team’s love for animals has been the primal reason behind all of our design of the advanced and humane techniques we use for removing wildlife from your home. Omega Animal Removal Wildlife Specialists cherish all types of animals, and we show this in the services we provide our clients. We take great pride in the way we humanely remove all rats, raccoons, squirrels and opossums from homes in Fort Lauderdale, and offer the best services in the industry when it comes to wildlife removal and control. No matter the species, the size of the animal or the severity of the infestation, our specialists care for each and every animal and handle all jobs with professionalism and care.


Omega Animal Removal is an expert when it comes to rodent and rat control. Unlike most companies in the industry that rely on poison to take care of the rat infestation problems in Fort Lauderdale, we do not. We believe that the only permanent solution for rat infestation is a proper rat population control, accompanied by a professional full home exclusion. Our Rodent Specialists pinpoint how the rodents get inside your attic, and come up with solutions for keeping them out for good. Omega Animal Removal offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all the rodent control and removal services so that all our clients feel safe inside their homes.


Squirrels love to break into houses all over Fort Lauderdale especially during their nesting and breeding season, and can cause a lot of damage to an attic if they are not found early. These tiny wildlife animals love to chew on electric wires and ductwork, and can become a serious fire hazard for your house or place of business. Squirrels are animals that are mainly active during the day, so you might not hear them in your attic if you are at work. Pay attention to noises during the morning or during the sunrise and sunset and contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you hear any suspicious sounds. When squirrels take residence inside your attic and breed their kittens, they are not only chewing on wires and making a mess on your property, but they are also spreading diseases and putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk. Call us before your health is compromised or before you will need to spend thousands of dollars repairing the damages caused by squirrels. Our specialists will come to your home and humanely take care of all your squirrel infestation problems.


With Wildlife Specialists trained in removing and controlling wildlife, and in closing all possible entry points, Omega Animal Removal has made a reputation in the industry as the best wildlife removal company—with the best of guarantees. Once our specialists make sure that all the animals are safely removed and the entry points closed, we turn to our revolutionary attic decontamination system for performing a complete sanitization of your home and eliminating all the bacteria and pheromones left behind by the animals that have taken shelter inside your attic. With the help of these three advanced techniques, Omega Animal Removal can assure its clients of a job well done, and of keeping away all the wildlife species that might make new homes inside their homes, for as long as they live there. You don’t have to trust us, try our services and get the best guarantees this industry can offer: a lifetime guarantee, with no strings attached. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not attach any hidden clauses to our guarantees, we just offer them based on our services, and on our conviction that once we perform a removal and control job, you will not have any other wildlife problems.

Omega Animal Removal is so confident in its trained professionals’ ability of removing wildlife and in keeping it out of homes or places of business, that it offers the industry’s longest guarantee.