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Rodents are shockingly destructive for their small size. With front teeth that never stop growing, rats never stop gnawing on anything and everything from your electrical wires to your attic beams. Exposed wires is one of the leading causes of house fires. Rats leave droppings and urine patches in your insulation and chew through food containers with ease. They start breeding after only three months of life and have litters of twelve rats six times a year. This means the population can get wildly out of control very rapidly.

Controlling rodent species requires a meticulous process that excludes any possibility of rats ever making their way back into your home. Luckily, Omega Animal Removal is on your side. We have trained Rat Control Specialists that are extensively versed in rat behavior and biology. We understand our animals and always treat them in the most humane manner possible. Omega Animal Removal has won numerous awards in the industry for being the most effective, efficient animal control business on the market. No ravenous, messy creatures stand a chance against our wildlife control measures.

Just ask your chewed wires
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People often forget that squirrels are rodents, and this is never more evident than when they find their way into your home and start wreaking havoc on your wiring, insulation and ductwork. Squirrels are actually among the cleaner rodents and set up latrines where they urinate and defecate. Unfortunately, when this is often stationed in your attic and insulation it’s not much consolation. Squirrels typically stay away from man made structures until the population becomes too large and uncontrollable. As highly territorial creatures, it is important to ensure impossibility of re-entry into your home to prevent the infestation from manifesting itself again.

With the help of trained experts, modern techniques and extensive experience, Omega Animal Removal has managed to identify and create new procedures for live capturing and removal of squirrels from private residences. Our special live traps permit the capture of more than one animal at once. We have Squirrel Removal Specialists ready to perform trapping and removal of the squirrels as well as seal all points of entry, and get rid of all nesting debris. Omega Animal Removal handles all your squirrel necessities in the most humane and modern way possible, quickly and efficiently.

And your insulation makes for a nice bed
Don't Worry... We'll Clean Up The Mess

Omega Animal Removal has a tried and true process for wildlife removal that comes in 4 easy steps and ensures you never have to deal with the animal(s) in your attic ever again. We start with an evaluation of the home, examining the exterior of the property and looking for signs of entry from the ground to the roofline level. We then move indoors, looking for tunneling in the insulation, urine and feces, nesting sites and chewed wires or beams. Our second step is the trapping and removal of all animal species in the most effective and humane manner possible. We then proceed to exclusion, blocking all entrance points with the highest quality metal products available. Finally, we perform our thorough decontamination process, sanitizing the entire space, cleaning up after the animal(s) and restoring any damage that may have been incurred as a result of the infestation.

Omega Animal Removal’s advanced fogging system penetrates deeply into home insulation, sanitizing with a molecular level purifying formula. This typically prevents the necessity of replacing insulation, but in the cases where replacement is necessary we have our sister company, Omega Insulation Services, which provides all the necessary materials and comes with the same Omega quality of service and Lifetime Guarantee. We use only the best materials with the greatest longevity, so you don’t have to worry about the attic restoration or animal infestation ever again.

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We remove and relocate nuisance animals permanently from your home to where they rightfully belong: the wild. Our award-winning team is comprised of expert rodent control and animal management specialists with years of recognized service and professional certifications in the industry. We respect nature and do not kill animals as a primary control method. We only ensure they leave your home and never find their way back.

Your attic does not belong to rats!

Rodent removal and rat control is Omega Animal Removal's forte. We are the local Orlando experts who have an in depth knowledge about rodent biology and thorough understanding of rodent behavior patterns, unlike other pest control agencies in the industry. We pinpoint the rat entry points to your attic and seal them off using metal based products that are non-chewable, so the rats will never reenter your attic for as long as you live.

We keep squirrels off your attic

With the warmth of summer and spring, squirrels may choose your attic as their new home and destroy all that you hold valuable, from electric cables to air conditioning system. Omega Animal Removal ensures that does not happen again. By the time we're finish, we guarantee your ductwork is intact and your air conditioning system is up all times. Beware, these animals are diurnal and will be active at daytime when you are probably at work, so spotting them might be difficult. If you see them in the morning or in the evening, call us immediately to bring an end to their existence in your home before become a costly disaster.

Omega Animal Removal Has the Industry's Best Guarantee

Our professional animal specialists do not just remove wildlife from your home. Their final solution is always a permanent one. It is in this confidence that we give you, and what none of our competitors are brave enough to mention: a lifetime guarantee. Our team is comprised of experts complementing one another in locating and then closing all the possible points of entry used by the animals. We stay by you and will keep a close eye on possibilities of rodents trying out their tricks to form new entry points to your attic. We decontaminate your attic using advanced methods and equipment as soon as we are done ridding your home of the rodents. With Omega Animal Removal, you will always be safe at home and in your business.