• Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Despite Florida's beauty and charm, the state harbors some wild animals that may pose serious danger to the locals and commercial wildlife control has thus become increasingly essential here in Orlando. Fortunately Omega Animal Removal Company has trained experts to handle any kind of wildlife that requires prevention or management in the area.

    We're so confident in our specialists' ability to get the job done right, our commercial wildlife control services are guaranteed to have results. We are open to forming partnerships with property owners and management groups, apartment multiplexes, large commercial property owners, small business proprietors and retail outlets to manage any and all issues that arise due to animal infestations.

    We humanely remove the nuisance animals from your property and relocate them to their natural environment. Our team of animal specialists and HVAC technicians will repair any damages left behind by the animals in your residential or commercial building. We also guarantee the prevention any recurrence of these issues in your Orlando property.

    Omega Animal Removal has a reputation for loyally and professionally serving clients all over Orlando with commercial rodent management, snake removal and bird control as these are some of the most prevalent issues. Call us when you're ready to get rid of your nuisance animals.

  • Bird Control and Prevention

    Bird Control and Prevention

    We constantly get calls from clients all over Orlando complaining about a variety of bird species pestering employees and patrons. The tropical climate here makes us a favored destination by tourists—and birds. It's no surprise commercial bird control is one of the most common problems we handle. We use bird spiking to keep birds from nesting and hanging around your building. From pigeons to crows, sparrows to buzzards, Omega Animal Removal's Bird Specialists will have your commercial structure bird-free in no time.

    Omega Animal Removal provides the most reliable bird spiking services in Orlando. We use only industry standard galvanized steel spikes that want deteriorate due to weather or age. In order to make sure our bird spikes stay firmly attached to your property, the sealants we use are of superior quality. Contact Omega Animal Removal today for your free quote on commercial bird management.

    Commercial Bird Control And Prevention by Omega Animal Removal
  • Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal operates closely with property management groups all over Orlando, Florida to ensure their properties are wildlife free. Our professionals are well versed in understanding the necessity to act promptly when nuisance animals is involved. That is why we always respond to your call to within 24 hours.


    While homes unoccupied, rats and mice may have already made themselves at home. If you want to act, they'll continue breeding exponentially, and the damages continue will grow at the same rate. We'll help you get your rodent problem under control before your next clients move in. If you are faced with rodent issues living in your Orlando building, call Omega Animal Removal immediately to offer relief.

    Property Management Cooperation with Omega Animal RemovalApartment Complexes Wildlife Management And Control with Omega Animal Removal
  • Animal Removal for Orlando Apartment Complexes

    Animal Removal for Orlando Apartment Complexes

    Orlando apartment complexes are just a susceptible to rodent infestations as any other home, particularly newly constructed ones. And here in Florida, you'll also have to be mindful of predators. Snakes may slither into apartment complexes in pursuit of the rats and mice. But rodents bring more than predators and headaches—and the biggest threat they pose is microscopic

    We understand the need to have your residence guarded from the harm of bacterial infections and fungal diseases that can always attack any moment so our professional team will clean up and fix the excrement left by animals that often infest your attic. Rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, opossums and bats— all these animals are particularly dangerous and need to be controlled. Don't inconvenience tenants any longer. Call Omega Animal Removal immediately so we can remove them before the damage spreads.