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Rats are one of the most common infestations in urban center across the United States and Southlake, TX is no different. With construction seeping into wildlife habitats, home residents and offices are increasingly attractive to animals as sources of shelter and nourriture. Rats, like all wildlife, wreak havoc on the tranquility and cleanliness of indoor spaces, defecating and urinating with abandon and chewing on everything from electrical wires to attic beams. About a third of house fires are actually caused by exposed wires.

Omega Animal Removal’s speciality is rodent control and removal. Our Rat Specialists bring a special understanding of rodent behavior to their trapping technique and are able to remove an entire colony, decontaminate the space and exclude the possibility of future infestations in less than two weeks from the moment you call. Don’t hesitate to contact Omega with your suspicions and questions.

Just ask your chewed wires
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Most people don’t realize that squirrels are actually rodents because their bushy tails and comedic behavior make them beloved backyard staples, but once these furry creatures enter your attic all manner of trauma breaks loose. As rodents, squirrels need to constantly chew on things to file down their massive front teeth. In your attic these materials take the form of wood beams, shingles, wires and air conditioning ductwork. They are relatively tidy, but the latrines they create don’t make the urination and excrement left behind any more appealing.

Breeding time for squirrels occurs twice a year around the spring and fall and these are the most common seasons for infestations as the mothers look for safe shelter to nest and raise their kittens. Squirrels are highly territorial, so once you hear them scrabbling around your attic, it takes a real Squirrel Specialist to extricate them for good. Don’t wait! Call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you suspect uninvited guests in your attic.

And your insulation makes for a nice bed
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Omega Animal Removal is the premiere service for wildlife control in the Southlake area. Our 4-step process is simple, comprehensible and permanently effective. We begin with an in-depth examination of the premises, searching for points of entry and cracks in your siding and roofline. We then move indoors looking for the typical signs of forced entry, tunneling in the insulation, urine patches, droppings, chewed wires and gnawed drywall.

Our trapping process follows with the most humane methods available on the market. After this we seal all openings in an exclusion process that uses metal-based products impossible for rodents to break through. Finally, we complete our decontamination stage with includes full sanitization with a deep fogging treatment, damage repairs to all destroyed wiring and beams and cleaning up all signs of the previous infestation.

Most of our competitors use cheap materials knowing that rodents can chew through them to create a recurring problem. Our process is the highest quality and has the greatest longevity making it the most effective and cost-efficient method on the market in the long term. Our Specialists are trained in animal behavior and biology and we focus on a humane, comprehensive approach to animal removal which makes Omega the fastest growing wildlife control business in the industry. Make the call to the most confident, trustworthy source for animal control and removal in the Southlake area.

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Omega; Keeping Wildlife in the Wild

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We may be experts at rat control and squirrel removal, but our service extend far beyond the spectrum of rodent management. We specialize in humane wildlife care of all kinds. We love animals and our service reflects that. Our wild animal removal processes are the best in the business, not because we stockpile clients as other companies do, but because our wildlife experts truly care about the animals we remove! We believe they are happier in nature and work hard to set them free in an environment more suitable to their regular habitat.

Your attic does not belong to rats!

Rodent removal and rat control is Omega Animal Removal's forte. We are well supplied with experts with deep knowledge of biology and understanding of rodent behavior patterns unlike other pest control agencies in the industry. We pinpoint the rat entry points to your attic and seal them off using metal based products that are non-chewable, so the rats will never re-enter your attic for as long as you live there.

We keep squirrels off your attic

With the warmth of summer and spring, squirrels will desperately want to share your attic and destroy all that you hold valuable; from electric cables to your air conditioning system. Omega Animal Removal ensures that does not happen. We guarantee your lighting is intact and your air conditioning system is up all times throughout your life by keeping squirrels sealed off your attic in your Southlake home. Beware, these animals are diurnal and will be active at daytime when you are probably at work. If you spot them in the morning or in the evening, call us immediately to bring an end to their residence in your home before they bring you costly damage.

Omega's Award Winning Guarantee

Our professional animal specialists do not just remove wildlife from your abode, their training is state of the art and they ensure the solution is always a permanent one. It is in this confidence that we give you what no one among our competitors will be brave enough to utter: a lifetime guarantee. Our team is comprised of experts complementing one another in locating and then closing all the possible points of entry used by the animals. We stay by you and will keep a close eye on possibilities of rodents trying out their tricks to form new entry points to your attic. We protect you and your family from attack by ailments associated with the animals. We decontaminate your attic using advanced methods and equipment as soon as we rid your home of the rodents. With Omega Animal Removal, you will always be safe at home and in your business.